Thursday, July 29, 2010

Short Announcement

Just a short announcement that I have decided to separate my shop into two: one to keep with my original shop name, chanyeevon, featuring my girl illustrations; while another new shop entirely for my whimsical forest animals and related paper goods. More details will be updated tomorrow at Etsy Friday post :)

A short glimpse of my new shop banner and avatar :D


  1. Wow, you will have two shops to run in future. But i read an article before in Etsy said that try not to have two or more shop, because this will confuse the buyers. Hm, but i think your whimsical forest animal art is very different from your girls, this maybe a good try.

    p/s: do you want to think of other unique yet eary to remember shop name for your adorable animals, instead of 'whimsical forest animal', eventhough this name is very easy to remember.

  2. oh, any other way to communicate? i prefer leave a long message than msn, instant message. There's another way to message you - Etsy conversation.

    There is no marriage waiting me in Penang, haha. my boyfriend is from Johor, but both of us will go back Penang look for new job after graduate. Because we are studying electronics and electrical, there are more vacancies available in Penang. Additionally, i don't have transport in KL. But i can go to KL anytime because my two brothers are staying in KL. Maybe can find you for a drink when you come back PJ,hehe.

  3. When you will come back to Malaysia? Really interested to meet up with you, you're my favorite artist. What language you used to speak? I speak Chinese, that's my mother tongue, weee... and it's so silly that i thought you named your new shop as whimsical forest animal. Look forward for your new shop as well as your blog update. I'm addicted to your blog, haha.