Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Year of 2010

Each year is passing by as quickly as it can be, leaving nothing much to reflect and trace back. When you look at it, 5 years time of my life doesn't consider as a short period of time. Yet when I looked back where I was 5 years ago, every incident, tears and joy, obstacle and discovery had just slipped through my fingers like a gentle mild breeze, leaving only the memories.

Ever since a small incident in 2008, I told myself let's do something different and remarkable each year so that my years can be memorable. I have done some crazy stuffs in 2008 which I had never considered when I was younger but they are one of the major turning points to how I became who I am right now. In 2009, I have decided to further my study in Australia and open my first (and second) Etsy shops in 2010. Things are going so far so good as every single decision you have made might or might not effect the path that you will be going in the future. Yet every possibility in front of me is as mysterious as morning fogs and I just let my intuition guides me to wherever I should be going. Nothing is set in stone yet.
I'm more than happy to look at my progress in 2010, having closer friends by my side and loving them, get to know more about myself and finding my dreams. It's kinda sad to see another great year slips through the fingers soon but I'm looking forward to the new 2011 and hoping all of you would feel the same too :) As they said, A new year, A new start. The end of one journey, start of another.

Will be working harder in 2011 to get closer to my dreams! Here are some lovely newly added bookmark clip and whimsical stickers in the shops, Here & Here. Happy 2010!
& Good bye 2010 *soon*

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm back & Merry Christmas To You

Finally, most of my matters are settled last week so I'm getting back to my usual schedules of making more artworks and updating blogs :)

A very exciting news came to me last night to freshen up my Monday. My interview with Unicorn Dream Magazine is published and they have put up the online version to their website! They are one of my favourite magazines because of their dreamy and delicate style. You can view the issue 4 Here.

The unicorn girl listening the falling snow is the illustration I made for them. Here is the little poem that comes a long:

In my dreams,
I woke up in the wood
Listening to the whispering snow

I hope you all love her as much as I do!

On the other hand, here is the second artwork I have done for my Cumulus Whispers series :) Sometimes I can't help but wonder will I show up in someone's dream when they asleep at night, a quiet and dreamy night like in the painting.

Christmas is around the corner and wishing everyone is enjoying their wonderful week . Can't wait for Friday night!! :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shop Updates

My full time job is getting busier and busier hence I have to miss few blog updates for these two weeks. Not to mention the new illustration that I have to keep her aside for a while... aiks! I feel sorry for her! Hopefully this tight schedule will loosen up after 17 December when the college holiday starts. I really respect those who can balance their time in multiple tasks well because really, it is not easy O_o Perhaps you need some good talent on time management and a good mood switch to change your concentration from A task to B task.

I made few new notecards sets from my whimsical bookplates illustrations. This is the second set - whimsical rabbit which is available at the shop
Here now.

Another few updates for yeevon's illustration shop Here. I love bookplates. I love how different artists design their own bookplates. Also, I enjoy making them and love the way they look on my books :)

Currently I'm working on some new whimsical illustrations for coming Spring. I might put them into greeting cards and stickers and few sneak peak will be coming up next week :)

Have a good weekend and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Art Lockets & Pendant Necklaces

These beautiful brass lockets and pendant necklaces are handmade by heartworksbylori. She creates beautiful wearable arts and the illustrations are secured with glass-like resin for protection and shine effect. The moment I received them in my mail box, I was so delighted (and nervous) that I almost tore the box with my bare hands... hahaha!

I love them so much! My photos are not sharp enough but they are really really beautiful in real. I have even kept some for myself as early Christmas gifts~ hehe. They are available Here.

Another 19 days before Christmas =) Woo~

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mini Love Tags

New mini love tags had added to my shop last night but I was too sleepy to post them in the blog =p

I'm getting tired easily nowadays so I'm looking forward to take some break soon in middle/end of December. My last recharge was around September when I came back to Malaysia. So, I guess it is time for another one so I will have more energy to welcome the new 2011~ *2010 is ending soon!*
The tags come in a set of 6 or 50 and available in two colors: red or black. They are available Here. Also, there will be some updates for my illustration shop this weekend :) woot~

p/s: 6 more to 100 items =)

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thank You from the Bottom of my Heart

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone ♥
New added notecard sets to my paper good shop. These two illustrations are very dearest to me because they are the very first whimsical animals that I have drawn and they are the one who had inspired me to continue my forest animals theme until today :) Initially, they were in the mini notecard size but it is slowly running out right now. So I re-draw and have them into a bigger size notecards.
Great to show your appreciation to the ones you love and thank you so so so much for their support!
Have a nice weekend! and Happy Black Friday Etsy Sale~~!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just For You Tags / Oh, Butterflies on My Stomach Tags

New added handmade tags, featuring my illustrations of 'Just For You' and 'Oh, Butterflies on My Stomach'. I love the soft tone hues they have turned out which are really sweet and whimsical :)
Mr Bear is soooo shy *hearts*

Yesterday, I had added two new ribbon colors into my collections: a thin black and a deep olive green which look very classical. Nowadays, I bought paper materials and ribbons more than my clothes... 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Glad to Have You By My Side

Sometimes, it's nice to have someone close by to support you in whatever you're doing. A simple 'well done', 'you're doing great', 'I love what you're doing' or 'I love you' is sweet and overwhelming :) Whether they are your family, lover or supporters!

New notecards set featuring the day Mr & Mrs Squirrel tied their knot under the oak tree, when they have decided to spend every single day of their lives together. Available Here. They can be personalised into wedding invites, save the dates or thank yous~
On the other hand, I'm having Holiday Sales at my Whimsy Whimsical Paper Goods:
*FREE SHIPPING on purchase of $50 & above
*20% Off for 5 notecards set or more
The LAST DAY Holiday Delivery for International Orders is 2 Dec 2010.

p/s: 12 more items to reach my 100 items~ <3 <3 woohoo!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Valentine Notecards

I know it is a bit early for Valentine but showing affection to your loves one or simply telling them how much you miss them can be all-year-round :) Inspired by the love stories from whimsical forest couples, here are some notecards set and greeting cards for you to spread the love~

Just For You Greeting Card which is inspired by the memorable day when Mr Rabbit confessed to Mrs Rabbit. Talk about hot air balloon, rose and the person you love! I love the sweet romance between those two~
Another sweet greeting card "Oh Butterflies on My Stomach" about the moment when Mr Bear thinking of his misses (or honey!), there are always butterflies on his stomach... Mr Bear is blushing~!
Another of my lovely two, Mr & Mrs Fox and Mr & Mrs Squirrel also shared their love stories through "I see Stars in Your Eyes'' &  "It Feels Like a Dream" notecards sets :)
They are available at my paper goods shop Here. Hope you enjoy their love stories and I will be adding more throughout the month!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Whimsical Gift Tags

I particularly fond of this whimsical series maybe because of their shy and sweet expressions. So I'm making few of them into gift tags which can be kept as bookmark or embellish any special gifts :)

Whimsical gift tags for owl/squirrel lovers, comes in a set of 6 which available Here.

p/s: Valentines theme paper goods to be updated this coming Thursday :D Stay tuned~

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let the Wind Blows

I love stargazing during the night. My mind always wandering here and there there while looking into the constellations (I can only recognize a few) and how the subtle moonlight makes the clouds glow. Those quiet and personal moments :)

A new illustration series inspired by what I love, named "Cumulus Whispers". This is the first illustration for the series, "Let The Wind Blows" which available Here.
A short glimpse on what I had been working on during the weekend.
Gosh, so that's the end for my weekend O_o

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mr Bear Notecards

Launching few more whimsical notecards set about Mr Bear's favourite past time today.

Being the new member of whimsical family, as gentleman as he can be, Mr Bear still unable to resist the temptation of one of his favourites (beside the berries): the honey. Often we caught him invites himself over to the bee's house party and keep most of the honey (in fact, all) to himself. If you need some favor from him and berries are no where to find, use honey!
Apart from that, he always enjoys his afternoon tea under the tree, having some home baked cookies to go with the Earl Grey. Well, that's our Mr Bear!
They are available at my shop Here.