Friday, July 2, 2010

Etsy Friday - July Goal

Weeks ago, I have been thinking to add in some original illustrations into the shop. So today, I went to the paper shop to get some nice handmade papers :) I also bought some markers and water colour to try out cause all the while my illustrations are coloured digitally. There are going to be some trials and experiments for tonight!

As cliche as it sounds, Time Flies. And it flies like hell.

For month of June, I was not able to reach my targeted sales but at least achieved half of it. Around 118 people hearted my shop and 55 fans joined my facebook :) Oh that makes me happy! So, for the month of July, I have set the following goal:

1) to have 20 sales (achieved 27 on 30/07/2010)
2) to have 200 people to heart my shop (achieved 332 on 30/07/2010)
3) to reach 100 fans in the facebook (88 fans on 30/07/2010)

4) 4 new illustrations (2 Birds of a Feather done! / 2 Whispers in Thy Ear none!)
5) 4 new original illustrations (done on 5/07/2010)
6) 4 new coloured greeting cards (done on 17/07/2010)
7) 4 new mini notecard (only 3 is achieved)

It is nice to have big dreams. However if you divide the big dreams into small little dreams, step by step, it will be much easier to achieve. Ok, I am on my way to the second step! *woo-hoo!*


  1. You are very talented! These drawings are beautiful and make me wanna try a drawing with marker too! I'm so envy with you great result of your shop, you got some many hearts on your shop as well as your fan page. So, i guess setting goals is one of your method to success in etsy.

    btw, how do you promote your shop in etsy? trying to be active in forum? i wish that my shop can get more visitors and hearts.

    with love,

  2. Just lovely...I love your style! Makes me want to draw too!

  3. Hi Lavennz,

    This is my first time trying out with marker. The result seems pretty good but I would prefer some of the colour more subtle XD Perhaps I will combine it with watercolour...

    Trying to be active in forum is one of my way to promote my shop :) Giving feedbacks, asking opinions and sharing information, promoting blog/new list whatever it counts! But different promoting method suits different people :) You can try out few and see which one works the best!

    Hi Kristi
    Thanks! Just grab a pen and paper and start drawing! :D :D :D :D
    Drawing is a happy thing!