Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Inspirational Artist - Kate Wilson

I'm sure some of you are familiar with this artist with soft delicate style on cute birdie doodling, Kate Wilson. Simple and amazingly detailed, her artworks feature a glimpse of whimsical using pen, inks and watercolours. I must say, I'm so in love with her animal illustrations especially the cutesy chubby little birdie =D What's cuter than a bird wearing cup cake or Charlie Chaplin hat on its head?

More discoveries at her website or flickr.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Special gift

The moment I came back from my trip, I was very delight to see this special gift from my lovely friend Kathryn. Guess what's inside?
A lovely handmade vintage lace cuff!! weeee~
It is so delicate that I have to handle it with extra care =p
Isn't it lovely? The paper butterflies in the envelope also added a little dreamy whimsical to the wonderful gift~
Thank you so much for your special gift :) I LOVE IT~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Monday, September 20, 2010


My etsy shop is having FREE SHIPPING from now until the end of the September month :)

However, I will be on a trip from 21st - 23rd September to celebrate my birthday at one of the island in Malaysia~ *sunshine~ beach~ cocktail~ yes, I'm turning 26yrs old!*

Best wishes for everybody to have an awesome week!

Yee Von

Friday, September 17, 2010

Inspiration - Roland Tamayo

Every artist has his or her own source of inspiration. Even though most of them are inspired by nature, but mother nature has so much to be inspired on: be it water, birds, forest animals, clouds, or some by the wondrous sea creatures :)

The artworks of Roland Tamayo, interpret his wild imagination through the flying whales and walrus up in the cumulus clouds. His talent of making this huge mammals flying effortless in the sky has really fascinated me.
You can view more of his artworks at his website or shop.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let Me Fly - illustration

We all have wide wings with strong feathers in our heart and they can get us anywhere. Yet, a lot of times, we are confining ourself in the cold and buried with the snow. Could it be the heavy wings? Or the invisible pressure and responsibility? Whichever reason you're holding yourself under the snow, for even once, try to spread your wings and chase your dreams :)

This illustration print is currently available at my shop now *took me such a long time to finish her...*

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sneak Peak Sunday

Just a little sneak peak for the next coming illustration :) Might be able to finish on Tuesday or perhaps Wednesday?

Something about the girl and the sparrow...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Etsy Friday - New Merchandise in the Shop - Wearable Art

I have always wanted to make wearable arts with my illustrations. Something that is useful and nice to look at, like a pendant necklace. Yet there are a lot to consider especially on the colour and type of pendant, as well as the overall packaging. After a few months of research, I have settled on this simple round pendant that suits my illustration style. Finally, I'm having my very own handmade necklaces :D *yay~*

Luna Necklace
Silent Tears Necklace
Winter Warmer Necklace
Migration Necklace
Autumn Spirit Necklace
At the back of every pendant necklace packaging
Sometimes, getting out of your comfort zone is really rewarding. This is my first time of making jewellery and unexpectedly, it is not as difficult as I imagined. Matter of fact, I really enjoyed the making process! Still I have to admit, the most difficult part for me is the photography! It is very challenging to cope with the reflective glass and sunlight. As you can tell, they are not professionally shot and you might spot my reflection in some of the photos, lolz!

The necklaces are available at my shop right now :)
New illustration is in progress and perhaps some sneak peak on Sunday night.

Happy Weekend and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Inspiration Wednesday - Anna Emilia

It takes a lot of patience to become an artist:
patience to develop own style, slowly and profoundly
patience to nurture an idea before putting it onto canvas,
patience to complete the every last details of the artwork beautifully.

An artist might not need to say anything about her patience, but we as audience can definitely tell it from her artwork :) So as Anna Emilia who is very patient in her beautiful artworks.

Wolves, 2008
Sipping The Sea of Green Tea, 2009

Winter is Ending, 2010

Spring is Coming, 2009

The details in her artwork are really phenomenal! You can find more at her Website or Shop.

Happy Wednesday~

Luna - illustration

This 'Luna' illustration took me some time to finish but I'm quite happy with the final outcome, especially the details on her dress, the hopping bunnies and colours of the trees. Inspired by Luna, the goddess of the moon, and her repeating life cycle of full, crescent and new moons, seems like no matter how busy I am in my life or how much tasks I need to accomplish, I still need to catch some breath =)
Whilst in the midst of settling down and recovering from the culture shock, I realise that I have been filling every second of my life with many different tasks since the middle of August: clearing the house, farewell with friends, house moving, settling down and sourcing new supplies.

Time seems like never enough for me and often found myself staying up late night hoping to settle at least some of the tasks. I have been whispering to myself 'I'm working so hard now so that I can have some breaks later' or 'after this, just one more of this' yet the one task finish, a new one follow immediately. The 'short breaks' seems so far away =p

Finally from today onwards until the middle of the month, I can get some rest. Still, I wouldn't kick myself back into that endless cycle of working so soon.
Hence, I will take it slower this month for my shops and take a deep look at my life again. I'm going to make it a "Stress-free September" for me ;p So, I'm setting a very small goal for both of my shop:

yeevon's illustration
1) to have 5 sales (achieved on 30/09/2010)
2) 5 new items (achieved on 10/09/2010, YESH!)

whimsy whimsical paper goods
1) to have 10 sales (achieved 18 on 30/09/2010)
2) 3 new items (none, will add on to October goal)

I'm in my new moon phase right now :D