Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Illustration - Migration

This illustration relates deeply to me as I am moving real soon. Even though I am looking forward to the new life ahead, yet I feel sad to leave this familiar place that I love. It feels like you are leaping from one sky to another. The previous sky fills with bits and pieces of your life can no longer bring forward to the new place. I feel like I'm leaving myself behind *sniff*

Dawn breaks
Thousand wings flapping
I'm leaving
A small part of me behind

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  1. Oh, i love this illustration, especially the combination of color. I have the same feeling too, because I'll graduate this October and go back to my hometown. I also added this art as my favorite in etsy.

    p/s: i love your art very much and always waiting for your update, LOL, it's truth!

  2. This is a great drawing; I think you really captured the sweetly sad feeling you were going for. I also love the way the orange beaks contrast with the black and grey. You're very talented!

  3. Hi Lavennz,

    Thanks! I'm planning to develop a small series for this one. Something similar tone. Where is your hometown?

    Thanks Kelley!
    I find that the more I draw, the more familiar I become with my strokes and color control :)

  4. You mean small print? I so wanted to buy your prints, really, but just not in budget yet. I definitely will buy those i love when i have enough budget, hehe=) My hometown is in penang, and i'm studying in KL. Then where's your hometown?

  5. My last semester end at October, and will stay another month before go back hometown. So you will stay in PJ after finished your master?

  6. I love this. It's so beautiful and thoughtful.

  7. Thanks Melody :D
    I'm happy that you like it!