Saturday, October 30, 2010

Whimsy Updates

Just updated few christmas theme items to Whimsy Whimsical Paper Goods. I shall let the pictures do the talking :)

I think I really went too far in creating the tags, no doubt they are so much fun to make =p Perhaps I should make more notecards for special occasion like birthdays or anniversaries?

Time to take a short break to enjoy my weekend :) Lovely weekend and Happy Halloween!

Yee Von

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Inspirational Artist - Nikko Barber

My respected lecturer just paid us a visit today and one of the student asked him a question, which I guess for every artist and illustrator at some point of their life will ask the very same question 'How do you find your style?'

When come to a style that is going to distinct you from the rest of the world, there will never be a written instruction on how to define and where to find your own niche. The possibilities is endless. It can be the technique you're using, the unique point of view you look into a ordinary subject, or perhaps something that comes from your heart. As for me, 'personal style' comes when you have imprint 'yourself' into your piece of artwork, especially your thoughts, your emotions and the way you see the world. People will feel your existence within the artwork itself.

Artist of the day, Nikko Barber, that has his own niche of rich earthy tones and folk art characteristics. His artwork can be viewed Here.

'A Conversation I've Never Had'
'A Person I've Never Met'
'A Touch of Evil'
To every illustrator and myself,
"Enjoy every bitsof the journey, it is the process and journey that build up your personal style. All the best!"

Monday, October 25, 2010

Jingle Jingle~

Even though Halloween is only a week away, yet my shop is ready for holiday season~! It is my favourite festive celebration of the year because not only about the presents but also it is the time to gather with friends & family :) And of course, HOLIDAYS!

Holiday Notecards Sets
Holiday Christmas Tags Set
They can be found Here.

On the other hand, pocket mirrors featuring my illustrations are also available at my illustration shop Here.
*Phew, massive updates!
Has anyone getting ready for Christmas soon?
Enjoy the last week of October~ *

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Inspirational Artist - Leanne Ellis

Girls drawn by Leanne Ellis, an illustrator who lives in South Wales, tell their stories through the captivating look of their eyes and wistful smiles. Her artworks portray the softness and delicate of her girls and around the world. I love how gentle is her pencil strokes along with the soft pastel colour palettes. They reminded the sweetness from the old world :)
More from her blog Here and etsy shop Here.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Whimsy Bookplates & Pendant Necklaces

Just a short update of something new in both of my etsy shops!
New pendant necklace of my illustrations - 'Over The Meadow Field' & rabbit under the tree from 'Luna' have added to my shop HERE. They are ready to go as gifts or keep for yourself :)

On the other hand, new sets whimsical bookplates for Whimsy Whimsical Paper Goods~! Each comes with 4 each of 3 different designs! *yippie~*

Owl Bookplates Set of 12
Rabbit Bookplates Set of 12

Fox Bookplates Set of 12

Squirrel Bookplates Set of 12
Another busy weekend for me! Hope everyone is enjoying a great & wonderful weekend! xoxo~

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Inspirations - GoGoSnap

Starting the month of October, I'm trying something different and will be introducing some inspirational artists along with other artworks from illustrators.

This week I'm looking into vintage inspired business cards, calling cards, wedding invitations created by GoGoSnap. Her works has merged her passion of design and enthusiasm of collecting vintage items. I've shared a few of my favourites here but definitely she has much more at her etsy shop and you're welcome to pop by too! I always enjoy the vintage objects and they seems like telling stories from different period of time :) Lovely and inspiring!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Four Little Whimsies - illustrations

A new series of illustration for my whimsical shop featuring little rabbit greeting the butterfly, the all so wonderful little fox, adorable squirrel that loves sweet nut, and whimsical owl that always play with ribbon.

They come in a set too! :D
 Out of the four little whimsies, which one is your favourite?