Saturday, July 17, 2010

Late Etsy Friday :)

For the next few weeks, it is going to be madness cause I have to settle house moving / graduation / parent visits in Melbourne along with my usual shop updates and blogs *take few deep breath* There are a few things on my list that I have to be done within this and next week:

1. My new girl illustration is done but I haven't got the time to colour her yet.. She's still in black & white.. poor girl..

2. New section in my shop featuring varieties of paper goods, which includes handmade little notebooks and greeting cards. I need to wait for a sunny day to snap photos.

3. Halloween illustrations, oh god, will I able to see you in full colour before end of August?

4. Few commission pieces that I have be done before end of August.. ahhh..

I really wish I have 48 hours and stamina which last 40 hours straight...

So about Etsy Friday...

I have just added a new item to my my etsy just now, whimsical mini notepad set of 12 that can be nice little gift or your special thank you note to customers or anyone. Or just as it is, a little whimsical notepad to write your notes :)

And... last but not least! The GREAT NEWS for TODAY!

I just found out my Personalized 'Forever Love' Print has been featured in Etsy Finds: Xmas in July Sale! Yeah~~~~! Well done, Charlotte & Radley!

I even screen shot it to keep a record for myself...

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Yee Von


  1. Your illustrations are lovely. I can already see your book in print!:) Pam

  2. I love the notepads! Really lovely!

  3. Hi Pam :)
    I do hope I can my illustrations into books! :D :D How wonderful is that?


    Hi Viana,
    Thanks :D :D I can say they are pretty useful =p

  4. Hi yeevon, i'm very busy these days and just came back from the bazaar. It's a tired but good experience day. Congratulation to your notecard been featured in etsy find, i know that too because i received the email. envy you >.< LOL

    Hope to see your new illustration. May I know how you colour your drawing with photoshop, i mean technique. Because I find hardly to cut away the white space to fill color.

    Oh ya, I'm thinking of do some Halloween theme art too! excited to see yours!

    Talk to you soon!

    with love,

  5. These illustrations are amazing!