Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Inspiration Wednesday - Amy Sol

My coincidence of getting to know this Korean artist was through an illustration book 'Illusive. Contemporary Illustration' when few of my classmates were flipping through the pages with me. Suddenly, they just went 'WOW' when I flipped to this image below. And I was fallen in love.

This self taught artist, Amy Sol has a very delicate touch in her artworks. Her medium of acrylic on wood panel brings out her distinctive dreamy peaceful world. Her world mixture of exotic plants, fantasy animals and gentle expression on every females of her creations really inspired me :) So I have picked a few of my favourites to share with you all.

Anchor, 2009

Terrarium Light, 2009

An Afternoon of Helping Flowers, 2009

Leave The Hair And Go Free, 2008

You can know more about her at her website.
I wish I could come out something like that!


  1. oh, her arts are awesome! Love it! I hope that i can be good in painting one day (i'm a self taught 'artist' too...hehe)

  2. that very first painting is just breathtaking... I never use that word, but it really is.

  3. Lavennz
    Lolz! You will :) How much effort you have put in, will show up in your work!

    She is amazing!

  4. Yee Von i love amy's works too.
    They are stunning arent they.
    I like the afternoon of helping flowers.
    I know your styles are different but there is a flow in your work and a delicacy that reminds me of Amy's painting.
    Love Kat