Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Illustration Tuesday - Forever Love - Mr & Mrs Fox

A little bit different from my usual Illustration Tuesday :)

This is a whole new set of illustrations inspired by forest animals. It will be whimsical and sweet and different exploration ♥ Today is the first one in the series, my beloved Mr & Mrs Fox, declaring their FOREVER LOVE in my illustrations *gosh they make me blushed ^_^*. You can get it from my etsy shop now.

And also, I'm  adding special offer to my shop. You can add personal touch to this illustration print with your choice of colours (5 choices available currently), fonts and name. They make a wonderful gift for newlyweds, couple or just for yourself to keep. Something special for your room? xoxo! More details are at here.

Wish everybody a great week with lots of sunshine and fun!

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