Friday, July 9, 2010

Etsy Friday - Don't Worry, Be Happy

Sometimes, as an etsy seller, I (or we) have so much worries:

When the views are low, I worry about why no one visiting;
When they visit, I worry about why they don't want to buy;
When they buy, I worry about when is the next sale coming;
In between, I also worry about
are my illustrations attractive enough,
do they make connections;
are my photographs good enough,
should I take more better shots;
how many varieties I should put in the shop,
will it confuse people;
have I promote enough,
am I promoting to the right market;
and when will I be successful...

This is just a never-ending cycle. Are those that I should worry FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE??? I should have better things to worry at!

And today, Mr hedgehog says, 'Simply Happy'. Ok, enough worries. There is nothing greater than love and happiness. I will draw a fine line in between business and art now. Although I would like to achieve both, but sometimes I have to weight which one is more important to me or which one can bring me further. More efforts into illustrations for the moment and get more exposure :) I can't deny that whenever I'm putting my thoughts, dreams and imaginations onto paper, that is the magical moment in my life...

Don't worry! No matter how hard it seems throughout the time and now, when the time is right, everything will fall into place and fit just perfectly :)

Starting next week, I will put more efforts into my girl illustrations!

oh by the way, Mr hedgehog is saying Hi to everyone :)
You can find him in my shop now :) He's having his happy moment wondering around, find him if you can!


  1. ya, no worry and be happy! If there is no waiting, you won't have the happiness of getting new sale! And you're actually did well in etsy... Your just open your shop for a month, and you got 9 sales, it's a good begin.

  2. hi yeevon, i'm busy these days and i guess i could not follow my schedule. I have a bazaar next weekends and now busying preparing the items and packaging.

  3. Hi, thanks for your well wishes for a Happy Anniversary. I have been enjoying looking at all your wonderful drawings. You are amazing!