Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Inspiration Wednesday - May Ann Licudine

I was once told by my important someone " artist's style, in a way it reflects your current state of mind, created by your upbringing, your education background and life experiences. Some artists may change as they grow older, impacted by their life's journeys and happenings..."

Artists grow. And every artist's artworks grow as well.

You can see the journey of an artist in her artwork through the years :) And so today I 'explore' the journey of this artist from Philippines, May Ann Licudine. Her artworks are driven by her dreamy imagination, mystical flora and fauna from tropical forest, japanese culture, childhood memories and amazing mixture of rich colours. I was inspired by her magical world and nostalgic feel. Her black and white artworks are my favorites because of the strong impression on lights and shadows. It makes the focus and composition details stronger :)

Ballerina, 2005

Mall's Art Diary: Unconsciousness, 2007

Genie Renaissance, 2008

The Great Mushroom Oranda, 2009
I see you, Chesire, 2010

Do visit her blog and portfolio for more artworks!


  1. AAaaaww... Hello, hello Yee Von (i adore your name!)

    Thank you so much for featuring me and my art, I feel so touched deeply by your words! Thanks for making me big smile, dear. Now I'm so blushed, hehehehe! :)

    Hey, I really dig on your drawings! They look beautifully detailed, classic and whimsical! I love your "Midnight Orchestra" piece :) You're quite patient to do more elaborated details! Believe me, I'm sure you'll become successful soon because you're so talented! :D

    Congratulations on your new Etsy store! Keep it up! I look forward to seeing your artworks!


  2. Hi Mall,

    I just went through good few minutes wanted to cry. Getting compliments from you is such a great and honor feelings T-T

    Thank you so much for loving my work. I will work harder and get more details done nicely :) :)


    Yee Von

  3. Hi Yee Von,

    Your illustration blow me off. So sentimental and personal. It is very very impressive indeed. Didn't realised your illustration skills has grown so well. Wow! Have Mr.Choy seen this? I am sure he will like it very much too. I met him yesterday for a drink. Catching up old times.

    Keep in touch ya.

    Ben Toh

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  5. Gosh I didn't know what did I click!! Sorry!

    Lavennz OSY has left a new comment on your post "Inspiration Wednesday - May Ann Licudine":

    Your alice in wonderland is the most unique i ever seen....why? your alice is so tiny! LOL, love the way you use of color and so is the Chesire!