Thursday, June 17, 2010

Illustration Tuesday (*Thursday) - Two Souls, One Heart

Finally she is done!
Took me a longer time than usual cause I have to get her right. I'm quite satisfy to how she turns out :) Oh and I have decided to change the name from ''Two Soul One Name'' to ''Two Souls, One Heart'' because of the typo error (... yeah) and the earlier one doesn't really click with me. The new name sounds much better :)

She will be included in one of my 'Birds of a Feather' illustration series which are inspired by winged creatures. However, this piece comes with a little dark whimsical feel. Inspired by a hybrid of white and blue peacock, unsure whether does it qualified as a chimera but there are some thoughts whether does it, or do they share the same mind and soul. At times, are my rational and emotional arguments create ripples in my mind, or there are two souls fighting in one me...

When I asleep
You're awake
We are so close
Yet we never met
We are both in one soul
but where do our soul reside

She is now available at my etsy.
Alright, Notecard Thursday will be updated later with two new designs! Cheers everyone!

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