Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Inspiration Wednesday - Anne-Julie Aubry

Months ago, I was searching for artists' illustration to get some inspiration while wondering how should my illustration style be. And then I came across this illustration of a siren.

I was so captivated by the colours, texture, composition and her sad looking eyes. Or perhaps I was the one who upset that time that's why she looked upset to me! The title to this beautiful artwork is actually 'The Siren Songs'.

She was created by Anne-Julie Aubry , a French artist. Her artworks consists of both sweet and dark whimsical world, which I find intriguing cause I believe everybody have her own inseparable innocence and darker side. I also like how Anne-Julie blended two contrasting elements so well together - delicate simple figure of the girl with rough texture. It gives some personal touch to digital artworks :) You can find more of her artworks at her etsy - The Nebulous Kingdom & blog!


  1. thank you very much Yee Von :)

  2. Hi yeevon, i love annejulie and kawasaki arts too, is extremely love their arts! There is another artist i like is Art and Ghosts:

  3. Lavennz :)
    Thanks! I will check her out as well :D :D :D