Friday, June 25, 2010

Etsy Friday - Patience & Persistence

Another 5 more days will marked my first month of selling in Etsy. My initial target was to have at least 10 sales (I thought it would be SO EASY but apparently NOT!) but I got my third sale last Sunday. Fingers crossed that any sale will come to me before the end of the month! :D

I'm grateful to my customers who have bought my items even though I'm a newbie with 0 feedback. And thanks them for leaving wonderful feedback for me :) 3 sales with 3 positive feedback! I'm also appreciate my friends and family who have given me support whenever I struggled or upset!

As for today, the 25th day in Etsy, I find that the hardest part would be promotions and keeping the shop active with new items. I took a lot of time to create my artworks but I will share that in future. There are a lot of promotion methods that are recommended like social networking, word of mouth and advertising. It is very important because if you don't promote, less people will notice especially newbie like me. It's like picking up a needle with my brand in the sea of Etsy. All promotions are working very well, but you have to know which one works the best for you. It is like some people get more sales during the weekend while some during weekdays; some get heaps of sales through word of mouth and some through advertising. Whichever method I'm using now, I have to give them some time to grow. I can't possibly trying facebook for a week then I concluded that 'Nope! This one doesn't work for me at all!' I'm giving myself at least three months for each promotion I'm trying currently. Because sometimes they do work, but the result need some time to reflect back to me.

While waiting for my next sale, I will never stop promoting and creating new artworks. And I keep reminding myself about the inspiring story of Elizabeth Arden... Lolz!

Yee Von

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