Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Illustration Tuesday - Midnight Orchestra

Sorry for the late update. Should have uploaded this new illustration last night but been to busy sorting out the new notecard designs. Speaking of that, there will be massive updates on Notecard Thursday (around 7 designs! Woo-hoo!!).

Here is the final illustration for Midnight Orchestra, specially dedicated to the vulnerable bird species in Malaysia - Milky storks. They are such wonderful creatures with bright red and yellow beak with white and black body. I once saw them in Zoo Negara Malaysia and I will never forget how lovely they are. It's a sad thing if these storks are going to extinct...

Midnight Orchestra
An unique orchestra is being secretly held under the moonlight with no one had any idea who are the performers ♪

Sometimes we have so much burden
Other times we have so much obligation
But just for tonight
We shall put everything behind
And sing our hearts out 

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