Friday, June 18, 2010

Etsy Friday

Well there aren't much to talk about Etsy today except the fact that I keep renewing once everyday. I'm still waiting for my third sale, Lolz! Perhaps I should renew twice a day... *mumble mumble* They say the sales are slower in summer but I see some shops still selling like madness! I guess it all depends on what kind of items in your store. And they do say sales will start coming in when you have more than 50-100 items in your store. Perhaps people do prefer more options. However there are only 20 items in my store. I wish I could add more but to finish one illustration take me a few days. I guess I have to take the pace as it is now while keep on drawing and searching for other alternatives to promote myself.

I want to have so much things. I want to draw more of my illustrations and get them out there. I want to have various paper goods with my illustrations on them.  I want to work for children picture illustration company and publish my own story book. I want to have big dreams. Yet, you can't have a farm overnight. Everything starts from an egg *and I'm still laying that first egg right now*.

Anyway, talk about new illustration. The next print would be 'Poppies Fall' which was my very first illustration I coloured back in February. She supposed to be included in my 'Whispers in Thy Ear' which inspired by nature and my imagination. But that time I didn't put her in the series because she's not really there yet.  And I have been so into my 'Birds of a Feather' series that I neglected them for such a long time! I think I start to hear they're whispering in my mind! Four months later on, today, I look at her again and think ''maybe is the time to get you out there''.

This is the old one.
Looking forward to how she's going to look like!


  1. It really is hard to be patient when you want so badly to make it as an artist. I'm right there with you!
    Your work is lovely; keep at it!

  2. Thank you *hugs*
    Feel glad to have your support :) :) :)
    So much different than have to struggle alone!