Thursday, November 18, 2010

Valentine Notecards

I know it is a bit early for Valentine but showing affection to your loves one or simply telling them how much you miss them can be all-year-round :) Inspired by the love stories from whimsical forest couples, here are some notecards set and greeting cards for you to spread the love~

Just For You Greeting Card which is inspired by the memorable day when Mr Rabbit confessed to Mrs Rabbit. Talk about hot air balloon, rose and the person you love! I love the sweet romance between those two~
Another sweet greeting card "Oh Butterflies on My Stomach" about the moment when Mr Bear thinking of his misses (or honey!), there are always butterflies on his stomach... Mr Bear is blushing~!
Another of my lovely two, Mr & Mrs Fox and Mr & Mrs Squirrel also shared their love stories through "I see Stars in Your Eyes'' &  "It Feels Like a Dream" notecards sets :)
They are available at my paper goods shop Here. Hope you enjoy their love stories and I will be adding more throughout the month!


  1. they are all quite sweet and lovely~

  2. These are just the sweetest! I particularly like the one of Mr and Mrs Fox, I adore how lovingly they're looking at each other.
    That balloon ride looks like so much fun too, being able to see the world from above and sharing the view with your sweetheart :) It's so lovely!

  3. Thank you so much, Johanna <3 <3 <#

    Hello Tammie!
    hehe, they are sweet couples!

    aww thank you so much! Mr & Mrs Fox are shy for affection but I do love how they communicate *through the eyes*! My friend used to dream of having her bf to propose on the balloon ride!! She is such a romantic person =p

  4. Oh, they are incredibly lovely!