Friday, November 26, 2010

Thank You from the Bottom of my Heart

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone ♥
New added notecard sets to my paper good shop. These two illustrations are very dearest to me because they are the very first whimsical animals that I have drawn and they are the one who had inspired me to continue my forest animals theme until today :) Initially, they were in the mini notecard size but it is slowly running out right now. So I re-draw and have them into a bigger size notecards.
Great to show your appreciation to the ones you love and thank you so so so much for their support!
Have a nice weekend! and Happy Black Friday Etsy Sale~~!!


  1. Beautiful as always. <3 Good luck with the Black Friday sales!

  2. so lovely and sweet.
    Gratitude in greeting cards is quite rare these days making them quite special to receive.

  3. These are just precious, I love their darling expressions and how lovingly they look at one another :) I'm always amazed by how well you portray such sweet, loving moments like these!

  4. I love the rabbits! The little pink hearts around them are such a nice touch, too.