Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mr Bear Notecards

Launching few more whimsical notecards set about Mr Bear's favourite past time today.

Being the new member of whimsical family, as gentleman as he can be, Mr Bear still unable to resist the temptation of one of his favourites (beside the berries): the honey. Often we caught him invites himself over to the bee's house party and keep most of the honey (in fact, all) to himself. If you need some favor from him and berries are no where to find, use honey!
Apart from that, he always enjoys his afternoon tea under the tree, having some home baked cookies to go with the Earl Grey. Well, that's our Mr Bear!
They are available at my shop Here.


  1. ooh! tea-drinking bear. Super lovely!

    (I guess my money will go to you very soon, too lovely to resist!)

  2. Those are so awesome as always and look at those wonderful photos! The packaging looks awesome and the images are so clear. I envy your photos!

  3. Oh my goodness, Yeevon! Could your work get any more beautiful? These are stunning - I love how you use minimal colors. It adds a magical, fairy-tale feel to these. I love how delicate the little leaves look around the tea bear. Gorgeous.

  4. great illustrations, love the cards!


  5. Your illustrations are always so delicate and dreamy, feels like I'm in a totally different world when I see them, and I love how you always tell us a bit more about the characters in them, it's nice to get to know Mr Bear!

  6. What a great idea for notecards. Thanks for your nice comment about my Blue apron against my white kitchen. Cheers