Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let the Wind Blows

I love stargazing during the night. My mind always wandering here and there there while looking into the constellations (I can only recognize a few) and how the subtle moonlight makes the clouds glow. Those quiet and personal moments :)

A new illustration series inspired by what I love, named "Cumulus Whispers". This is the first illustration for the series, "Let The Wind Blows" which available Here.
A short glimpse on what I had been working on during the weekend.
Gosh, so that's the end for my weekend O_o


  1. I'm a true Bunny lover. I used to have a Holland Lop that I loved so much. I also go over to an island where there are many wild bunnies "doing their thing" undisturbed. I take videos of them and just love to be in their presence.

  2. Those bunnies are amazing! I really like your attention to detail and texture, really helps with the focus on the pictures :)

  3. Stunning illustration! I love the starlight in her skirt. Your women are always so beautiful, with their gentle expressions.

    Also, your new ink drawings are beautiful. I especially love the girl and her sweet face. <3 The bunnies are adorable, and I love how you add delicate colored accents.

  4. SuperOrange, thank you so much~ :D

    I never had a bunny before but they are my favourites when I used to visit the kindergarten nursery farm :D They are so cute, fluffy and quiet! They are very good as companions and can spend a lot of time 'observing' their explorations XD

    thank you so much :) I love the details~

    Thank you so much Sara :D Will be working on few more on the new series and hopefully they will become better and better :D Love the dreamy world of my girls!

  5. Beautiful! Love the bunnies with the key to their hearts (I guess)
    This would be perfect for wedding invitation :-)

  6. I love her serene expression, she seems so calm and at peace, dreaming away sweetly :) I love all the little details in the sky and the way her hair and dress flows so beautifully.
    Looks like you've had a busy time lately with all these new illustrations, and they're all so lovely too!

  7. Oh wow, Yeevon!! This is absolutely stunning!! The peace and tranquility in your work just never cease to amaze me! ♥♥♥

    And I'm so, so, sorry for not responding to your tag. It was so kind of you. I've been drowning in my own lack of creativity lately, but hopefully I'll catch up soon... hugs! oxx

  8. Yeevon, do you ever paint things like this on peoples walls? It's beautiful!

  9. Pavinee,
    hehe, nice translation on the drawing! Actually that is for couple who have just moved into their new home~ But I like your explanations! very sweet <3

    Your sweet comments always make me happy :) Actually been busy with a lot of things too! My full time job, paper good shop and illustrations! Need to work harder to achieve my dream :D

    Amalia K,
    Aww thank you so much. No worries on the tag!! That is not compulsory or forcing, just a way to be involved and have fun! :D I don't see lack of creativity in you? All I see are those beautiful girls for good cause *hugs* keep your spirit up and I'm sure you'll catch up real soon! xx

    Hehe thank you :)

    I wanted to!! Maybe I should start on my wall first =P