Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Inspirational Artist - Kei Acedera

I wish I could find more words to describe how fascinated I am towards the beautiful and whimsical artworks created by Kei Acedera but I think her artworks themselves speak much louder =p. Her imaginative characters created with delicate pencil strokes and soft pastel hues had lured me into her world of fantasy :) There is something very sweet exists within her artworks that makes me happy. More of her artwork Here and know more about her through the interview with Randall Sly Here.

Advice from Caterpillar
Enoki Forest Song
Storytime with Jane
Little Red and Wolf
 Missing Wonderland


  1. This art is wonderful, thank you for introducing me to someone new~

  2. hehe thank you Tammie, thank you for liking what I had shared :D

  3. Absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing her lovely art. She's definitely a new favorite of mine!

  4. Thank you so much Sara. Glad you love her works :D