Saturday, November 20, 2010

Glad to Have You By My Side

Sometimes, it's nice to have someone close by to support you in whatever you're doing. A simple 'well done', 'you're doing great', 'I love what you're doing' or 'I love you' is sweet and overwhelming :) Whether they are your family, lover or supporters!

New notecards set featuring the day Mr & Mrs Squirrel tied their knot under the oak tree, when they have decided to spend every single day of their lives together. Available Here. They can be personalised into wedding invites, save the dates or thank yous~
On the other hand, I'm having Holiday Sales at my Whimsy Whimsical Paper Goods:
*FREE SHIPPING on purchase of $50 & above
*20% Off for 5 notecards set or more
The LAST DAY Holiday Delivery for International Orders is 2 Dec 2010.

p/s: 12 more items to reach my 100 items~ <3 <3 woohoo!


  1. It is always nice to be told such sweet things, I can really feel the love in this picture, so perfect for wedding invitations and thanking the one you love :)
    Wow, you are so close to 100 items, that's a lot of items! You must work so hard and it really shows! :)

  2. This card made me think of my twins and the close relationship they had growing up - it is always nice to remeber these good things. Thanks yee von

  3. hehe thank you so much, Vanilla :D I have 10 more items to reach 100!! Been working so hard that I think I really needed a holiday!

    the bees house,
    aww that is really sweet to hear from your own feelings and thoughts :)
    Thank you!