Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tags for Tuesday / New Schedule

Months ago when I just started my blog, I had set myself a schedule that I would have new illustration on every Tuesday, Inspirations on every Wednesday, Notecard for Thursday and some Sneak Peak on Sunday. Somehow along the way I was distracted by other projects and the schedules were all mixed up (some went missing) except for the Inspirations Wednesday.. XD

But then again, they are back! But just a little bit difference as I'm going to have new tags on Tuesday (something new in my shop, I think I really obsessed with the ribbons and papers!) and new illustration during the weekend. The new schedules are as follow:

Tuesday: New tags
Wednesday: Inspirations
Thursday: Notecards
Weekend: illustration

Hopefully I manage to stick to it until the end of 2010!

As for Tuesday, here comes the new tags.

You can write 'To' and 'From' on the tags as there are plenty of space. I think they kinda look good on children's presents~ They are available Here.
The other day, Vanilla (check out her blog Here) has tagged me to write 7 things about myself and then pass along to someone else:

1. I enjoy daydreaming and often find myself giggle when there's no one around.
2. If I could, I would like to spend my time watching the clouds during the day and stargazing during the night. Something that I can relax myself.
3. I have a dog named Max.
4. I like less complicated things.
5. I used to keep a small sketchbook about my dreams.
6. One of my favourite artists is Audrey Kawasaki.
7. I wish to be more successful!
Hence, I'm going to tag Amalia, Melody and Viana. I hope they don't mind O_o

Happy Tuesday!


  1. ooooh!!!!!! I love Little Rabbit Tags!!!!!!They are SO BEAUTIFUL! I have to make you a purchase soon!! oh tnak you so much for tagging me! In my next post I'll answer, sure!!! Kisses! thanks a lot for your comments, I LOVE YOUR WORK!

  2. Gorgeous tags, I adore your work. Thanks for tagging me for the Seven Things, I'll post my seven sometime soon!

  3. Aww thank you Viana :D Glad you love the little rabbit tags :D :D
    I will visit your blog very soon~~

  4. Hehe, I'm looking forward to see your 7 things, Melody! :D Thank you for your sweet comments~

  5. Such pretty tags! I love their sweet expressions. The paper you use is definitely lovely, and who doesn't love ribbons? My favorite part about sending things out into the world is tying them with pretty new ribbons. <3

  6. I love these dreamy little tags! I think the fox one is my favourite, the expressions on all of them are just darling!
    I do the daydreaming thing too, my mind tends to wander when I'm alone haha.

  7. Thank you so much for loving them, Frannie :D

    Hehe yes I'm in love with the papers and ribbons! They look so wonderful together! What a cute idea of tying something you send with pretty new ribbons XD

    Thank you! I love the fox too! It's good to let the mind wanders on its own and that's where you find imaginations :D

    Thank you, Kathryn :D
    Thanks for dropping by~ <3

  8. ah, your tags are wonderful and look beautiful with the ribbons.

    So lovely to learn more about you through this tag.