Friday, August 27, 2010

New postcard sets

NOTICE: I will be away from 27 August to 3 September as I will be moving back to my home country Malaysia :) My shop is still open and you're welcome to shop around. Any orders placed after 27 August will only be shipped on 4 September from Malaysia. I will still be answering emails and convos :D 

Just a quick note before I'm going to finish up my packing, these two new sets are printed from my illustration series of 'Tara - Sister I' and 'Vera - Sister II'. They come in a set of 5 with plain white envelopes. They are ready to go as a lovely gift set. Available at my shop now *yay~*

Have a wonderful weekend!

Yee Von


  1. You got a lot of new paper goods for your beautiful creations. They are lovely. Welcome back to Malaysia and you must be very sad to leave Melbourne. Hope you get rid of this soon.


  2. Safe journey to Malaysia YeeVon.
    I love the new notebooks below!
    Will write soon, love kathryn x

  3. Lavennz,
    Yeah trying to stock up the shop before my full-time job start :) hehe~ So much things to do to settle down in Malaysia! need to get used to it again!

    Thanks :D :D

    I'm back! It is hot and humid here in the room. Just spent the whole afternoon cleaning up my room and clear some space for work! xoxo~

  4. These are so beautiful!

    Thankyou also for stopping by Drawn by Dreamers we all appreciate it so much!