Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Luna - illustration

This 'Luna' illustration took me some time to finish but I'm quite happy with the final outcome, especially the details on her dress, the hopping bunnies and colours of the trees. Inspired by Luna, the goddess of the moon, and her repeating life cycle of full, crescent and new moons, seems like no matter how busy I am in my life or how much tasks I need to accomplish, I still need to catch some breath =)
Whilst in the midst of settling down and recovering from the culture shock, I realise that I have been filling every second of my life with many different tasks since the middle of August: clearing the house, farewell with friends, house moving, settling down and sourcing new supplies.

Time seems like never enough for me and often found myself staying up late night hoping to settle at least some of the tasks. I have been whispering to myself 'I'm working so hard now so that I can have some breaks later' or 'after this, just one more of this' yet the one task finish, a new one follow immediately. The 'short breaks' seems so far away =p

Finally from today onwards until the middle of the month, I can get some rest. Still, I wouldn't kick myself back into that endless cycle of working so soon.
Hence, I will take it slower this month for my shops and take a deep look at my life again. I'm going to make it a "Stress-free September" for me ;p So, I'm setting a very small goal for both of my shop:

yeevon's illustration
1) to have 5 sales (achieved on 30/09/2010)
2) 5 new items (achieved on 10/09/2010, YESH!)

whimsy whimsical paper goods
1) to have 10 sales (achieved 18 on 30/09/2010)
2) 3 new items (none, will add on to October goal)

I'm in my new moon phase right now :D


  1. I think this is one of your best works yet, I just love how everything flows so wonderfully and the amount of details is phenomenal.

  2. Thanks Vanilla, I'm really flattered :D

  3. Agree with Vanilla, this is one of your best works. I love the detail of the dress and the color of the trees.

  4. it's so beautiful. I love the details,her dress is my favourite part.

  5. Welcome back, darl...
    Miss u, send me ur msn to my fb inbox...
    I think u will miss Melbourne soon ^_^
    Enjoy ur Stress Free September!! yayyy!!

  6. Sandra,
    Thanks! It's wonderful to hear from you!

    Lolz Thank you! I love them too :D

    hehe, her dress resembles a universe!

    awww thank you~ *hugs*

    xoxoxoxo~ I am missing Melbourne NOW!! Added you in msn edy!

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous work. I love it.