Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sneak Peak

Seems like I'm still in my 'Moon and Cloud' mode hence the next illustration is still very dreamland related :D *I love dreamland!*

Here are some of the snap shots:
Little close up on the hopping bunnies.
She might be ready by Wednesday :) Woo-hoo! Starting of a new week! and the last week of August!!


  1. Love the way you draw your illustration, i mean the technique by using line to build contrast. Would like to try it someday! Can't wait to see the complete version!!!! Hunger....


  2. and always love your girls' hair, the lines are natural and beautiful!

  3. Thanks Lavennz :D
    The technique, though time consuming, but has become more like my distinctive style of illustration. Hopefully one day when people see it, they will know it's me XD XD hehe...

  4. This is so detailed and beautiful, you must spend so much time on your artwork and it really shows!

  5. Definately a distinctive style Yee Von, I think I could pick one of your illustrations out in a gallery even if it weren't labelled.
    This dreamland one sounds exciting, especially with the addition of bunnies!
    Kathryn x

  6. Oh this is so lovely! I love the use of white space at the bottom juxtaposed against the detailed top area - fantastic!

  7. wow u are very talented!! i would love to get my hand on my of those!!

    anyway, I would like to invite you to enter my first give away contest =)
    Your support is greatly appreciated =)))