Thursday, August 5, 2010

Notecard Thursday - I'm Sorry

I'm sorry for skipping yesterday Inspiration Wednesday...
I'm sorry for skipping last week Inspiration Wednesday...
I'm sorry too, for MOST LIKELY going to skip next week Inspiration Wednesday too...

Currently, I'm rushing projects and putting all my attention to it (so that I can finish it asap).

The mini notecard for this week is... I'm Sorry. Available at Whimsy Whimsical etsy shop.


i. Replaced the bacon in your love one sandwich after a big fight

ii. Slip into your dad's wallet after you lost his favourite fountain pen

iii. Put on the pillow and slowly sneak out the hotel room after a drunk night

Any fun/hilarious suggestion of using this mini notecard? :)
Have a great week! Weekend is coming real soon!


  1. Aha, those suggestions are fantastic! It would certainly make me forgive whoever left me a beautiful notecard like that! I just love your linework, it's so detailed and crisp.
    As for my suggestions, I think leaving it for someone after eating or drinking the last of something would be appropriate, I know I do that fairly often!