Friday, August 20, 2010

Etsy Friday - Improvement

There is always room for improvement.

So true. Especially for your own business. Nothing seems enough at the moment so you have to, or need to keep on improving it. Photos can be better, so retake and retake. Items are never enough, so you create everyday and list them to the shop. Promotion can be better, so you spend a lot of time in socialising and promoting. However, there is only one you.

At the moment, I don't have much commitment that will take up a lot of my attention. So I have a lot time to brainstorm, to create and to promote. It is quite flexible and I'm enjoy doing it even though it is stressful at times. What if, in near future, my free time has become a luxury? And I have only  3 hours a day for the business, instead of 13 hours I'm having right now? How should I focus in order to get the most out of my limited time frame?

I heard about of one's concentration will increase the efficiency of one's productivity and lessen the time spent. Even you have the whole world of time to do something, but if you are easily distracted, your productivity will not equal to your time spent. I'm still trying my best to focus on what I should be doing right now (blogging) but instead I was distracted and went over to make this little graph... hmm, the word 'concentration' seems so far away from me =p
I have just added a set of 10 invitation cards to Whimsy Whimsical Paper Goods. They are great for birthday or tea party invites *sipping early grey tea with little finger up in the air*
On the other hand, Two Souls, One Heart is available as a postcard at yeevon etsy shop right now as well :D Yippie!
Another 10 more days before the end of August! Enjoy every last bit of it :D
Have a great weekend!

Yee Von

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