Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Illustrations: Treat or Trick? Or Peak-A-Boo?

Halloween is months away but I have finally finished these two halloween-theme illustrations for Whimsy Whimsical shop. More Whimsy Whimsical Forest folks have joined the team: Mrs Goose and two of her darling goslings, mysterious black cat, and Mr Stork as the spooky vampire (haha).

So, which one is your favourite?

*My blog schedules are terribly messed up =p Thank you all for your kind understanding*


  1. There's something incredibly uncanny and in the same time sweet about the second one! Not that the cat could eat the small ones (phew!), but still I think you did a mighty fine job in creating a feeling of Halloween!

  2. They are both beautiful. Off to heart your shop, T. :)

  3. These are both super fantastic but I am going to vote for Peek A Boo - how seriously cute is that. People are just going to eat that up!

  4. I love them both but I think my favourite is the top one, there's something quite magical and wonderful about the night sky :)
    The cat with the pumpkin head is so adorable too!

  5. My favorite is treat or trick! I think both are nice, but I prefer the story of your first illustration than the second. I'm personally like high saturation color art; therefore, i prefer deeper colors or more colors for second illustration.

    You did a great job, yeevon!

    with love,

  6. I just listed my first Halloween item this week too! Tough choice but I would have to pick the second one. Cute but humourous at the same time!

  7. I love both of them but if I had to pick, the second one since I love cats!

  8. hehe, I was overwhelmed by all your responses!

    Bilyana :)
    Thanks! Fall and halloween are one of my favourite seasons aside Christmas! The colours of fall looks smashing! :)

    Yeah~ thanks for hearting my shop <3 <3

    Thanks :D Glad you like them!

    Hi there :D Great to see you here! The clouds are one of the particular scene that I love to draw. Glad you like it!

    Thank youuuuu <3 I love to give my forest folks some stories behind and is so fun to do it!

    hehe I love your halloween buds! Simple and elegant!

    Thanks :D My neighbour has a young black sneaky little fellow that she love to sneak into my room *when my windows are open*.. I was thinking of her while I drew the cat!

    All the best! <3 <3

  9. I remember having one of your prints in my blog back in June... so beautiful! I love your stuff!


  10. I love both, they are lovely

  11. Spontaneousdots,
    Time flies :) very very fast... gosh I can foresee September already..

    Thanks :D :D

  12. Love these, they're so fun and nostalgic.