Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Updates - Original Illustrations and Postcards

Cosmic Stories I, II and III are my first set of original illustrations for :) They feature the stories of three sisters - Annabelle, Audrey and Anne. Each girl is unique and has her own characteristics.

Annabelle - Make A Wish
She is the caring, the protective and the motherly eldest sister.

Audrey - Upon The Stars
She is the carefree, the merry and the adventurous second sister.
Anne - Catching Dream
As for the youngest sister among the three, she is sweet, lovable and always curious about her surroundings.

They are available at my etsy shop right now :)

On the other hand, two halloween postcards have added to Whimsy Whimsical Paper Goods. They come in either a set of five or single postcard. You can use them to send your spooky halloween greetings, or simply pin them up to the fridge as mini art print :D

p/s: there will be another two updates soon for both shops: each for one of them =p


  1. These are so beautiful - I love all three of them. I adore the black & white line art with the hints of color. I love black & white!

  2. Another stunning illustrations. Really love your works lots. and the cards are beautiful, the quality look great. I'm looking for good quality postcard printing in Malaysia too, but i just want to order small quantity, maybe 10pcs/image. It's hard to find...