Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shop Updates

My full time job is getting busier and busier hence I have to miss few blog updates for these two weeks. Not to mention the new illustration that I have to keep her aside for a while... aiks! I feel sorry for her! Hopefully this tight schedule will loosen up after 17 December when the college holiday starts. I really respect those who can balance their time in multiple tasks well because really, it is not easy O_o Perhaps you need some good talent on time management and a good mood switch to change your concentration from A task to B task.

I made few new notecards sets from my whimsical bookplates illustrations. This is the second set - whimsical rabbit which is available at the shop
Here now.

Another few updates for yeevon's illustration shop Here. I love bookplates. I love how different artists design their own bookplates. Also, I enjoy making them and love the way they look on my books :)

Currently I'm working on some new whimsical illustrations for coming Spring. I might put them into greeting cards and stickers and few sneak peak will be coming up next week :)

Have a good weekend and Happy Holidays!


  1. Your illustrations are gorgeous! The line work is really something :) Anyway, found your blog on an Etsy forum and am following you on your blog and facebook.



  2. wow!! your illustrations are gorgeous!! love them!


  3. I agree, it can be hard to balance everything.
    I love your girls... they are enchanting. Wishing you energy for all you have to do.

  4. I know what you mean about balance, I'm terrible at that when there's so much work to be done! I hope you find a way to balance everything though :)
    The bookplates are amazing! I especially like the one of the girl with the unicorn horn, it looks so magical and wintery, just my kind of place! :) Oh and I am just swept away by the notecard that says 'hello there, love', it's just so sweet and brings a little smile to my face!

  5. I love the unicorn girl - so elegant and intriguing all at the same time! It is hard to balance everything. I just finished my finals last night and am so happy to be back to drawing!

  6. The delicateness of your art always amazes me, Yeevon. The notecards and book plates look wonderful...

    And I'm so agreeing with you about time management! I wish there were some kind of vitamins I could take to make me better at it!! Hahahaha...