Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Year of 2010

Each year is passing by as quickly as it can be, leaving nothing much to reflect and trace back. When you look at it, 5 years time of my life doesn't consider as a short period of time. Yet when I looked back where I was 5 years ago, every incident, tears and joy, obstacle and discovery had just slipped through my fingers like a gentle mild breeze, leaving only the memories.

Ever since a small incident in 2008, I told myself let's do something different and remarkable each year so that my years can be memorable. I have done some crazy stuffs in 2008 which I had never considered when I was younger but they are one of the major turning points to how I became who I am right now. In 2009, I have decided to further my study in Australia and open my first (and second) Etsy shops in 2010. Things are going so far so good as every single decision you have made might or might not effect the path that you will be going in the future. Yet every possibility in front of me is as mysterious as morning fogs and I just let my intuition guides me to wherever I should be going. Nothing is set in stone yet.
I'm more than happy to look at my progress in 2010, having closer friends by my side and loving them, get to know more about myself and finding my dreams. It's kinda sad to see another great year slips through the fingers soon but I'm looking forward to the new 2011 and hoping all of you would feel the same too :) As they said, A new year, A new start. The end of one journey, start of another.

Will be working harder in 2011 to get closer to my dreams! Here are some lovely newly added bookmark clip and whimsical stickers in the shops, Here & Here. Happy 2010!
& Good bye 2010 *soon*


  1. Beautiful clips and lovely stickers.

    It seems that we are always on creative journey that never ends.. Sometimes something bad happens but I think the ability to see beauty in things is what makes us keep on.

    Let me copy your words here:

    "Will be working harder in 2011 to get closer to my dreams!"

    Glad to know you this year.

    Happy New Year! May all good things come to you :-)

  2. It's strange how time can slip through your fingers so quickly, some things feel like it was only yesterday whereas others are so far away it feels like a dream rather than a memory!
    It seems like you've had a very productive year with lots of beautiful artwork to be proud of!
    The bookmark clips are amazing, they'd make any book seem that bit more wonderful and magical, and the stickers are so cute too!

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy new year for you!

  4. Yee Von

    Yes indeed, following our dreams and our intuition where they take us. Nothing is set in is good to bend and flow with the breeze of life and utilise the currents.
    You have achieved so much, your etsy shops are inspiring to me.
    I too am glad to have found a friend in you this year.
    Thank you once more for the card. I am going to get some stickers from you soon. They'll make great gifts to mail.
    Wishing you a magical 2011
    Love Kat xx

  5. these are each quite lovely and I wish you the best selling all the treasures you make and offer us.

    I wish you another wonderful year!