Thursday, March 31, 2011

Party Invitation Sets

Here are some new invitation sets for the coming spring party (or any party!), addition to my previous sets of the rabbits and the bear & fox :D :D
Whimsy Whimsical Forest is expanding by welcoming little skunk (with the colorful party hat!) to join the family~ I will have more of his illustrations very soon in future :)

You can find more of their details Here.

Also, months ago I have a request to custom an illustration for a very special person. She has framed the illustration in a very very cute heart shaped frame as a housewarming gift for her friend!!! So pretty!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. these are quite charming and fun~

  2. I love those!
    They are adorable! :)

  3. They are wonderful! It's great to see a new whimsy character, and such a cute one too :) I look forward to seeing more illustrations of him!

    Things are almost the same for me too now, have so many tasks to do that it's been difficult to read many people's blogs lately, I guess these things come and go though.

  4. Ahh! I love the skunk! I'm looking forward to seeing more skunks from you - it is so cute!

    Also, I love the feather pattern on the owl in the first image. It almost looks like it has clouds on its wings. <3