Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hear My Prayer

Let us pray that the darkness of the night will pass, and here comes the light of hope. May all of us are blessed with love.
Even The Darkest Night Will Pass

Even the darkest night will pass,

The cut of the knife will slowly heal,

Those enraged eyes will one day smile,

No more pain your heart will feel.

So don't give in, don't despair,

To take your life would be unfair

To those who love you,

Those who care.

Don't keep inside the hurt you feel,

Shout it out, your pain is real,

But you can win, can live again,

Share with others all the pain,

Even the darkest night will pass.

Illustration can be found in my shop Here.


  1. Hello! I know your blog via Amalia's "Translucent Blue". I've been visiting it for not that long, but the moment came to tell you how much I admire your tender, exquisite, somehow fragile drawings! And this poem!... I needed something like it today - when is my happiest day, but I'm feeling sad, amidst the joy around me. Now I think we'll all spend a nice evening and later on, I'll read it again, before going to sleep - like taking a medicine against pain:)

  2. oooooh! It's so beautiful and delicated!!! I LOVE it, it's too sweet and cute! your work is so special!

  3. This is so serene and beautiful, the words you chose to go with it accompany the illustration perfectly, it's so nice to see a new illustration from you. I hope all is well with you :)

  4. Haha yes I like rain a lot, I can't quite describe why it's just so nice! But it's really lovely to listen to.
    Oh I know that feeling, I guess it happens to all of us once in a while when there are so many things going on at once! I wish you a wonderful weekend too :)

  5. lovely lovely piece!
    so sweet and precious.
    inspiring poetry too, thank you.

  6. your art is price less , the poem that you attached it, makes your work a masterpiece.