Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Whimsy Greeting Cards

I have been lacking of new post and blogs-checking lately as there are too much things to deal with in these few months @_@ It feels like tons and tons of paper works piling on top of your shoulders *take a deep breath* I kinda feel bad to post only once a week nonetheless I will try my best to have new updates every week :)

As spring has arrived and I've decided to add more colors to the shop~ The soft pastel colors of these whimsical greeting cards are my favorites and the scalloped circle, ribbons and polka dots have added some sweetness to them too! Hope you will love them as much as I do~

May everyone has a beautiful week with plenty of sunshine and smiles!


  1. Hello from the EUC team forum. Love you art and blog. I followed =)

  2. They are wonderful! I love the colors and details....very beautiful:) Have a great week!

  3. Hi Yeevon! You know, I can honestly say that I think you're probably one of the most productive artists I know on Blogland. :) It's such a delight to see your new items each time I visit. These are beautiful, as usual.

  4. Whew I am the same, too many things to deal with this month! I hope things will get easier for you soon and there will be less work to do :)
    I can definitely see the Spring inspiration in your work here, those pastel colours are simply wonderful, and they match perfectly for your illustrations!

  5. Beautiful cards!
    Not only are your illustrations amazing here but I also love the texture of the papers~

  6. I so love those forest creatures! Mr. Fox is a cool dude (hope he doesn't mind being called a dude) ;-) Very nice Yee Von!