Friday, March 11, 2011

Whimsy Invites & Stickers

There are quite a few new items I have added to my Whimsy Whimsical today :) And they are the spring invitations and matching stickers which I mentioned earlier!
I kinda love the rabbits version, as if I could hear Mrs Rabbit whispering softly "Dear, have you washed your hand yet?" (haha).
Mr Bear and Mr Fox are having their fabulous berry cupcakes again~ I just can't have enough of the berries! And to be honest, I'm kinda craving for cupcakes right now...

The matching stickers set are available too.
They are available in the shop Here :) Hope you will love them as much as I do!

p/s: My eyes are half closed while I'm typing this =p Another hectic week for me but gladly just one day before the weekend. Have a wonderful day!

Yee Von


  1. Something about bears and foxes having tea like gentlemen reminds me of my childhood. Not entirely sure why, but I LOVE your illustrations! Off to browse your shop!

    PetalPetal designs

  2. they are so pretty. this is such a darling idea!

  3. These are so beautiful! I love all the little woodland creatures:)

  4. I love those little teacup and teapot drawings! They're so sweet, and Mr. Bear and Mr. Fox look like they're having such a lovely time at their tea party!

  5. I almost died when I saw the teapot. It's insanely perfect. <3 I adore your work!

  6. Such perfect things for spring. I love your beautiful little creatures as always, Yee Von. I hope you got your long beauty sleep eventually! (^_^) oxx

  7. ah, they are so wonderful! I will be telling mama's I know about these!

  8. Adorable - I particularly love the stickers.

  9. super LOVES the tea-party invitations!! tres cute :)