Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Whimsical Mini Notepad Sets

Another busy week for me and piles of stuff waiting for me to 'tick' them off the list @_@ I'm trying my best and keeping the fingers crossed that the later of the week will get better.

Just a little quick update on the new sets of mini notepad that I have brought into my whimsical shop Here. Each set of them is like having their own stories: the lasting friendship between the bear and the fox or what do the rabbit pair love about spring *flowers!*

I hope you love them as much as I do! 

Also, another happy news to share :) One of my customers has sent her photos of my stickers and guess what? She made them into little cupcake toppers on her wedding!! I have never thought of that :D :D It is awesome to see different creative ideas on how to use the stickers!
They are looking real sweet with the delicious cupcakes! May their new stage of life fills with plentiful of laughters and smiles :)


  1. Oh I do hope your week will get better and less busy! These sure look like they were fun to create though! It's like stepping into a whole new world when I see your art, I feel like I'm dreaming :)

  2. thank you so much for your sweet wishes yee von! everyone loved the cupcake toppers and they helped make our wedding day extra special! :D

  3. eeeeek :D ... that's SO CUUUUTE!
    I love all your woodland friends, and to see them on cupcakes!!! awww ... cute²

  4. They are so adorable! I love the way you draw these, they look really fluffy with their fur~
    Amazing work!

  5. Those little notepads and cupcake toppers are so cute! As usual :)

  6. They look lovley, and the cupcakes looks so tasty!!


  7. jiji! no, it's a whistle!jijiij!
    I love how your stickers like cupcake toppers! They are so so cute! I love them, like always!!

  8. these are all adorable! i love all your bunnies and foxes :)


  9. They are so pretty and cute!