Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Postcards Set

I'm having new postcards set in the shop now, printed from some of my girl illustrations :D They come in set with matching envelopes and envelope seals! They have been wondering in my mind for quite some time and I have decided to give them a go~
Postcards set available at Here.

Currently, I'm the progress of changing the look of my girl illustration shop. She definitely need a new identity different from whimsy family *They can't be sharing the same background all the time @_@* I'm trying a white background with purple flowers and berries. I think it's looking cleaner and fresh now!
Oh goodness, there are several new updates for my whimsy family but I'm just too busy to post them into blog yet! I definitely need some break!! @_@ Perhaps sometime next week!

Happy weekends to everyone!


  1. every thing looks so wonderful. Change is good and your postcards are a great idea!

  2. i love them all. Especially the flowers postcard! So gorgeous!

  3. These are amazing... Not only are the illustrations beautiful, but you've made really eyecatching set-ups with the flowers and ribbons wrapped around!
    You're incredibly talented, I love seeing your work~

  4. Your artwork is perfect for these beautiful postcards, so much thought and care goes into all of your art and products and it really shows. I can't wait to see the updates on your whimsy family! I hope you will find time for a nice, relaxing break first though :)