Monday, January 31, 2011

Rainy days

It has been raining a lot in my place lately whilst there are only few days away from the Chinese New Year festival.

I spent my Sunday afternoon sending Max off for grooming (to join us for the celebration XD), having hazelnut iced chocolate at the Starbucks while waiting for him. The crowds were busy shopping for new clothes and shoes even though it was raining. Snuggling into the couch and listening to the drizzle at the glass wall, I felt like I was out of the world for a while. As if I'm living in a parallel world apart from here :)

When I was in Melbourne, spring rain is part of the season. Even though the weather is even more unpredictable than other seasons, yet the wonderful sceneries of blooming flowers everywhere in the city and parks are really beautiful :)
I made the 'I Love Spring Time' notecards into some whimsical tags~ They are great for birthdays, tea parties, or any lovely gift especially for those who love bunnies!
Also, during the Spring time, you'll get to see a lot of people having picnic at the park and dozing under the warm sun =p Just like Mr. Bear and Mr. Fox in these sweet notecards!

They are both available at the whimsical shop Here.

Can't wait for a sunny day!


  1. So lovely! I have put Mister Bear & Mr Fox on my wish list :-) I wonder what they are chatting about...

  2. Mr. Bear and Mr. Fox look like they're having a lovely time chatting away over their tea and cake :) what an adorable little scene! Picnics in the park are one of my favourite things to do in spring and summer!

  3. So cute! I love the Mr. Bear and Mr. Fox scene - so charming!

  4. lovely how you find inspiration for your art in the world around you. Your pup is so cute!!

  5. Happy Chinese New Year Day!

    The photo of your Max is lovely. I love how the white background makes his face stand out!

    I wish I could be invited to Mr Bear and Mr. Fox tea party :-)

  6. I have a min. schnauzer too! :) Her name is Hailey. Max looks so cute!!

  7. oh I love the fox! so cute! they're my favourite:)