Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whimsical Spring Notecards

I like spring :) When the winter is slowly transiting into spring, that is when you can spot cherry blossom starting to bloom along the roadside, either in subtle pink or white. When I was in Melbourne, I used to bring my camera around and snap any cherry blossom whenever I found one :D They are really beautiful and only last for a short while, which make them very precious.
Here are few new sets of notecards which are inspired by the spring theme. More will be coming soon slowly :D
Also, I have made few new stickers set and they can be used as address labels or gift labels.
They are available at Whimsy Whimsical Paper Goods~
Wishing all of you an awesome week!


  1. I can really feel the inspiration of spring in these, the soft colours, little butterflies and the way in which you just have to smell the flowers because they look so pretty! I think the flowers are my favourite thing about spring!
    When I was a child my neighbour used to have a cherry blossom tree, all the petals used to get swept in the wind into my garden until the lawn was covered in pink, haha :)

  2. ohh they are precious! I'm usually more of an autumn girl but this year I am very much looking forwards to spring.... I might just have to pay a visit to your shop! x

  3. I love them! Precious!!!Like all your work!

  4. What beautiful flower photos! I wish it looked like that here...

    Gorgeous cards! I love the delicate nature of your work. Spring is the perfect season for it!

  5. Beautiful pictures...those flowers are lovely!
    cute cards I love your illustrations!

  6. I love your theme! Each card is lovely.

  7. Oh! how cute!!!! <3 <3 <3

    haha, you comment made me laugh!! I think He will be Ok :D !!!

    much love

  8. Beautiful photos and just love the Spring rabbit. So cute!

    as always, I wish I get free for each item in ur online shop!! haauhauahaa

  10. Your notecards are oh so c u t e !
    Have a happy day xx

  11. It's always so exciting to see what new designs you bring us!
    Looking forward to these bunny cards which I'll send as Easter cards.
    Love Kat xx
    Ps we need to see a photo of Max!
    And I love blossom too (smile)