Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whimsical Forest Animals Greeting Cards

I'm having a slow update this month to sort out a lot of things. Particularly my emotions and realisation that I'm no longer able to take my own sweet time in creating illustrations like I used to be. It is going to a year soon ever since I started my first girl illustration. But when I glance back to my journey, I would still like to walk further and see how things are going to evolve in future. I would like to experience those changes with all my heart, and not half-hearted like what I'm having right now... I guess you can call that an emotional-well-digging-out-the-blardy-mess-so-I-can-put-more-stuff-in-period XD

We meet a lot of different persons in our life, whether in real life or in cyber life. A lot of them have supported me and motivated me in many ways. Some of them pushed me further to where I'm standing right now; some of them lifted my spirit whenever I'm feeling down; some of them helped me to sort out my mess especially when I'm running up and down. I once read an article about those whoever is willing to help you. They help you because they are willing to, but not because they have to. So to me, it is important to always express your appreciation to whoever that has helped you, either small or great :) Because they don't have to, yet they do it willingly. And that is very nice of them.

These are the thank you cards from the whimsical family. They all are having the similar expression which are very shy and gentle, expressing their appreciation in a very subtle way XD Currently available in the shop Here.

Thank You and have a lovely Tuesday :)


  1. ah, these are tender and sweet and a beautiful way to show appreciation.
    Wishing you clarity and motivation to create your dreams come true~

  2. Oh I know exactly what you mean, I went through a long period of time feeling the same way with my artwork and not being able to spend anywhere near as long as I'd like to on it!
    There are always really lovely people like this in the world who are willing to help because they want to, and I couldn't think of a better way to say thank you than with such beautiful little cards like these, they just lift up your spirit with your beautiful artwork!

  3. These are lovely. The details in the flowers on this set is incredible. I love looking at your work. It always leaves me with such a calm feeling.

  4. Such delightful little creatures, aren't they? So tender and soft... I hope you'll have more time to explore new possibilities with your art, Yeevon. I'm sure we'll enjoy seeing new work from you! oxx

  5. I love the gentle expression! You are soo good!

    johanna, sweden

  6. they're all adorable, as usual :)

  7. Your illustrations are just lovely! A new discovery for me, and I'm so enjoying them!