Sunday, January 16, 2011

Can You Hear the Whispers in My Heart

Sometimes when you have met with the right person, you'll hear a little voice in your heart whispering "That's him... That's the one..." Or you can replaced 'Him' with 'Her' :) Here is the new set of notecards featuring the story of Mr Rabbit's love for Mrs Rabbit.
They are available in notecards, tags and mini tags in my shop Here.
I had a crazy weekend preparing and making new items for the shop. When you are just too busy, you really can't be bother with what's on the table or how clean they look like. Not to mention the good habits of putting them back nicely each time you used. I just scattered everything on my table and clean them up once and for all when I'm all done... I wish I could be more organized XD XD This is just a mess!
 I have to put some on the chair because there is not enough space on the table...

May everyone has an awesome weekend :)


  1. Hey YeeVon these are adorable! I love love stories like this one :)
    As for the mess during creative working, I stand next to you. Also waving my hand. :)

    Have a great week!

  2. How fun to see your workspace. Congrats on getting so much accomplished.

    your lovely rabbit couple are adorable.

  3. I hope I hear that voice whispering to me one day :) I can see that the voice is definitely whispering to these two adorable rabbits!
    Haha I am just as unorganised and messy! I love my space to be clean but I can never keep it that way, especially when I paint! I think it was definitely worth getting this messy because the results of your work are truly beautiful!

  4. Oow, they are so cute. I love rabbits (although more in artworks than in real life). The gift tags are adorable. Hope you had a good weekend!

  5. these look so sweet.
    happy new year, yeevon!

  6. Sweet!! Valentine is coming!! sad for us without bf, but hey our family still here with us!! ahhahaa

    Yes, I would love to have an art exchanges for u...but wait until I come back to Melbourne!! all my stuff there...

    and I did some art, ready to fill my online shop...
    I am exciting!!!

  7. Oh! Uyuni Salt Lake sounds wonderful!!! Have google it and seen some beautiful pictures!!

    As soon as I am done with school I will start travel more!!! But I will maybe come to US this year, because a friend will study there this spring :)

    johanna, sweden

  8. Such a sweet design :-D

    I think we tend to be messy when we get so involved with our creation. I have good feeling during the making process but become exhausted when the cleaning time comes!

  9. You haven't seen my mess yet. It's like a hurricane swept through my room when I work! :) Anyway, love the bunnies!

  10. The matching bookmarks are reaaaallly adorable!