Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Frame / Whimsy Updates

The rain has finally stopped just before the day of Chinese New Year. The sun came out and the temperature in my room has risen to an uncomfortable state. Now I kinda missed the cooling breeze of the rainy days... Oh man, I'm so hard to please XD

The other day, I bought two white frames (I love white colour!) to frame some of my works :) They are looking good and tidy on my desk now. That will keep me motivated to create more~ 

Pardon for my shaky hands, I wish I could take nicer photos :)

I have added some new tags in the Whimsy Whimsical Paper Goods. These Love and Thank You tags with pink hearts are something different from my usual forest animals collection. They appeared much simpler and more elegant :)

The new tags are available Here :D

Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate this festive celebration~ And may the adorable Rabbit of the Year brings bundle of luck and happiness to all of you :)

Yee Von


  1. Hi Yeevon,

    thanks for the advice. :) Haha, my dog always gets these massive makeovers too whenever she visits the groomer. Looks alien compared to the fluffy thing she previously was. :)

  2. Happy New Year, my dear!

    Your pieces look great framed. I hope that they do inspire you! Your new tags are gorgeous. The script is so beautiful...

  3. Wow! They look just lovely framed! It's great that the rain stopped just in time, but how unfortunate that it's so hot now!
    I love that beautiful writing on those tags, it's so elegant and flows wonderfully :)