Monday, February 21, 2011

Handmade Whimsical Tags

Just wanna say thank you to the beautiful comments and encouragements I have gotten from last post :)

Recently, I find myself busy keeping up with the shop updates with new designs and illustrations, my day job and my rest time. I kinda like the way it is now, take a day off when I'm not in the mood, or just put them aside for a while when I'm too busy. It's a good feeling when everything is more or less organized in a nice way :)

A quote from one of my friend, Tammie

"Going slower doesn't mean that we are forgetting our dreams. if we are listening to our spirit and we are guided to do many things and maybe even swiftly, then that is our path."
On the other hand, I was getting really emotional over this heart-touching poem from another friend of mine, Kat. I think somehow I was deeply connected to it as at times I will feel unsure in my life of path. There are a lot of uncertainties in front of me and I'm not sure whether will I able to handle them. Yet, I can only grow stronger when any obstacle is overcome :) Please go to this LINK to read her beautiful poem!

The whimsical tags are now available in the sets of 10 and 5 in my shop HERE now.

Many blessings to all of you!


  1. yes, a lovely poem to go with your sweet art.
    wishing you clarity and courage~

  2. I'm giving you a versatile blogger award! I know I gave you a stylish blogger award before, but I do love your blog :) Check the post here for more info.

  3. C-U-T-E!! I have been searching of that scalloped puncher for some time..

  4. I just can't get enough of your artwork! I say this over and over but you make the sweetest things, and it's true! I couldn't think of a more fitting piece of artwork to go on such beautiful little tags.

  5. Lovely and inspirational quote! And I love your tags too.. very sweet.;)

  6. Beautiful, cute, and amazing!
    I love your work :)