Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Whimsy Bookplates & Pendant Necklaces

Just a short update of something new in both of my etsy shops!
New pendant necklace of my illustrations - 'Over The Meadow Field' & rabbit under the tree from 'Luna' have added to my shop HERE. They are ready to go as gifts or keep for yourself :)

On the other hand, new sets whimsical bookplates for Whimsy Whimsical Paper Goods~! Each comes with 4 each of 3 different designs! *yippie~*

Owl Bookplates Set of 12
Rabbit Bookplates Set of 12

Fox Bookplates Set of 12

Squirrel Bookplates Set of 12
Another busy weekend for me! Hope everyone is enjoying a great & wonderful weekend! xoxo~


  1. Oh, your new products are just breathtaking! The necklaces are stunning - how did you make them? I love the bits of illustration that you decided to showcase within them.

    And the bookplates are darling! <3 I especially adore the fox set. You've taken wonderful photos of them as well - now I know what they mean when they say a photo can make a product! This is especially impressive since I think it's hard to take photos of flat artwork.

  2. Wow the pendant looks lovely!!! Great job.
    Lovely blog...!

  3. I adore those pendants! I can imagine how beautiful they would look hung around someone's neck.
    Oh and the bookplates are just the sweetest!

  4. I'm in love with your fox bookplates... keep up the awesome work!


  5. The bookplates are simply adorable! I'm just in love with your new shop. Everything is so cute!

  6. really sweet pendants!! love the book plates too - great gift ideas!

  7. LOVE the pendants and owl bookplates :) You're so talented!!

  8. Oh shiii~ such awesome creations! Love your illustrations~