Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Inspirational Artist - Nikko Barber

My respected lecturer just paid us a visit today and one of the student asked him a question, which I guess for every artist and illustrator at some point of their life will ask the very same question 'How do you find your style?'

When come to a style that is going to distinct you from the rest of the world, there will never be a written instruction on how to define and where to find your own niche. The possibilities is endless. It can be the technique you're using, the unique point of view you look into a ordinary subject, or perhaps something that comes from your heart. As for me, 'personal style' comes when you have imprint 'yourself' into your piece of artwork, especially your thoughts, your emotions and the way you see the world. People will feel your existence within the artwork itself.

Artist of the day, Nikko Barber, that has his own niche of rich earthy tones and folk art characteristics. His artwork can be viewed Here.

'A Conversation I've Never Had'
'A Person I've Never Met'
'A Touch of Evil'
To every illustrator and myself,
"Enjoy every bitsof the journey, it is the process and journey that build up your personal style. All the best!"


  1. I think you are definitely right that your personal style emerges when you put yourself into your work :) Very well said.
    These pieces of art are wonderful, I love the rich colours and textures, simply magical. I will definitely be paying his website a visit!

  2. So true, great post! I Agree with Vanilla, very well said!!! I also believe that it's very important to put yourself into your work! :)

    Wonderful and little scary images! Great colours! Love it!

    johanna, sweden

  3. These are so cool. And have I ever told you how much I love your shop Yee Von? You are so talented :) Have a happy weekend my dear! xo

  4. I feel so excited to have found your blog. I feel as if I have heard of you before at some point, but your work is really quite beyond words. I especially like that you have such a broad range of talents. Wow! Look forward to seeing more in the future.