Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Inspirations - GoGoSnap

Starting the month of October, I'm trying something different and will be introducing some inspirational artists along with other artworks from illustrators.

This week I'm looking into vintage inspired business cards, calling cards, wedding invitations created by GoGoSnap. Her works has merged her passion of design and enthusiasm of collecting vintage items. I've shared a few of my favourites here but definitely she has much more at her etsy shop and you're welcome to pop by too! I always enjoy the vintage objects and they seems like telling stories from different period of time :) Lovely and inspiring!


  1. Thank you for sharing this amazing shop! I just love the business cards, so unique and would leave such a memorable impression!

  2. Beautiful illustrations. I thought you should know you are know you are also on my blog thanks to the goal game. :)

  3. Lovley post and Lovley blog :)
    Will Follow you :)

    Johanna, Sweden

  4. love the design of the card!! I am not yet working but i wanna have one too!

    Rinz @

  5. Ah these are lovely. I alway enjoy looking at other peoples inspirations and finding new art :)

  6. All your cards are lovely, especially the one with the hot air balloon!!

  7. Hi Yeevon,
    your works are amazing and lovely!
    congrats!! ;))
    from São Paulo