Friday, September 10, 2010

Etsy Friday - New Merchandise in the Shop - Wearable Art

I have always wanted to make wearable arts with my illustrations. Something that is useful and nice to look at, like a pendant necklace. Yet there are a lot to consider especially on the colour and type of pendant, as well as the overall packaging. After a few months of research, I have settled on this simple round pendant that suits my illustration style. Finally, I'm having my very own handmade necklaces :D *yay~*

Luna Necklace
Silent Tears Necklace
Winter Warmer Necklace
Migration Necklace
Autumn Spirit Necklace
At the back of every pendant necklace packaging
Sometimes, getting out of your comfort zone is really rewarding. This is my first time of making jewellery and unexpectedly, it is not as difficult as I imagined. Matter of fact, I really enjoyed the making process! Still I have to admit, the most difficult part for me is the photography! It is very challenging to cope with the reflective glass and sunlight. As you can tell, they are not professionally shot and you might spot my reflection in some of the photos, lolz!

The necklaces are available at my shop right now :)
New illustration is in progress and perhaps some sneak peak on Sunday night.

Happy Weekend and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!


  1. These are wonderfully fantastic images i ever seen. Thank you so.. much for posting these really assuming. I simply love every image. Last three images are truly fabulous.


  2. Wow, the necklaces turned out great

    plus your photography is beautiful

  3. They are so lovely and a wonderful size.

  4. Hi there, Yeevon! Wow, your necklaces are gorgeous!! And so beautifully packaged too...

    Thanks for leaving such kind words on my last piece, by the way! :))