Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let Me Fly - illustration

We all have wide wings with strong feathers in our heart and they can get us anywhere. Yet, a lot of times, we are confining ourself in the cold and buried with the snow. Could it be the heavy wings? Or the invisible pressure and responsibility? Whichever reason you're holding yourself under the snow, for even once, try to spread your wings and chase your dreams :)

This illustration print is currently available at my shop now *took me such a long time to finish her...*


  1. Really really love this illustration. So beautiful.

  2. this is so stunning.
    you're such a talented artist. i've seriously fallen in love with your work.

  3. This is absolutely stunning. I love the tiny and delicate style of mark making you use. All of those little dots and lines are beautiful. And the soft, dreamy colors here are amazing.

  4. wonderful! i love your illustrations! ♥