Friday, July 20, 2012

Craft : Embroidery Project

Lately I've given myself a simple project, just a break from my daily routine. The method is simple: embroidery on paper (now you know how much I'm into it since my last post on Father's Day card, haha). And I was thinking about triangle garlands with autumn colors :)

The paper that I'm going to use in the project must be sturdy and not easy to break. So I picked a watercolor paper with 300gsm thickness. The paper is off white with a nice texture. First I need to make the holes on the paper with a needle so that the embroidery process will be easier later. I clipped a graph paper at the back as a guide for my triangle garland patterns.
Poking the needle through the sturdy paper on a pillow will make things easier. A thimble helps a lot too!
The colors that I've picked are: tangerine, brown, maroon, dark grey, mint and saffron. I wanted to do it randomly so I started with one color then slowly blended in with the rest of colors.
I'm still working on it :)


  1. Wow, what a cool project! *o* Looking forward to seeing how it turns out when finished~

    // Virtual Boy

  2. An extremely interesting project! I keep on my working table a modest butterly sewn on a small piece of paper. Now I feel inspired to make it bigger and rich in colours! Thank you!:)